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Challenges Of Corporate Gifting

Challenges of corporate gifting

The challenges of corporate gifting can not be overlooked. As a matter of fact, these challenges should be taken seriously in order to avoid disappointments, delays, etc.

We have already established the benefits of corporate gifting from our blog last week. Today, we are zooming in on those challenges you and your business would most likely face in corporate gifting. Of course, we are not just exposing these challenges but also revealing solutions. Nukreationz has successfully executed corporate gifting projects for various clients in diverse industries. And knowing the challenges of corporate gifting, solving them, and delivering on time is what we are driving at.

The Challenges Of Corporate Gifting:

1. Getting The Right Vendor

Finding the right vendor revolves around so many other factors. These factors can be broken into the vendor's experience, budget, quality, time frame, and relationship.

i.  Vendor's Experience

Firstly, an experienced vendor is key to avoiding the challenges of corporate gifting. In Nigeria today securing the services of an experienced vendor is a very careful and patient task. You need all the time you and your team have to scrutinize a reputable vendor with a reputation. A reputation that exudes good communication, transparency, value, and trust to successfully drive your gift planning goals.

ii. Budget

Furthermore, a vendor that can work and deliver within your budget is important. Negotiating clearly and transparently to cost breakdown, avoiding hidden expenses or extras. This vendor needs to understand your need to avoid cost issues as budgeting is a major factor in avoiding the challenges of corporate gifting.

iii. Quality

The quality of gift items is non-negotiable as it has to be top quality from start to finish. The vendor has to be one who pays total attention to details from procurement, branding, and packaging. Your budget should never jeopardize quality as is mostly the case with vendors these days. If you truly aim at scaling the challenges of corporate gifting, never ever settle for less.

iv. Time frame

Also, the time frame needs to be agreed upon so as to effectively take away unnecessary rush. What time your clients, partners, employees, friends, or family receive their gift determines how truly value them. Do they receive them days after their birthdays, weeks after religious celebrations, or weeks after the New Year celebrations? etc. The perfection in timing is crucial here as it translates to how well they appreciate the gift.

v. Relationship

Lastly, the relationship with your vendor is another important factor in the challenges of corporate gifting. Having a good relationship will play a big role in resolving the dispute. However, this is not a guarantee as there is no assured outcome to any dispute regardless of the situation. But having and building solid relationships helps a lot.


2. Planning

In the challenges of corporate gifting, planning on time will save you a lot of mishaps. Issues like unforeseen delays, hasty decision-making, etc. can lead to failure in your gift planning. This is why you need to lay out a workable plan with an experienced brand that can deliver your project. By so doing, you would have been able to figure out possible delays and expenses. Not only that, you have also planned ways to solve possible issues arising. Planning early works magic in gift planning especially when you do so with an expert in the field.

3. Choosing The Gift

In as much as you are gifting, ensure you are giving the best possible gift items that would be appreciated. Nukreationz goes the extra mile by profiling the company, individual, or previously executed corporate gifting with reviews on such projects. Also, based on experience... we have advised clients based on trendy gift items. All these are put together to ensure these gift items are valued, appreciated, and memorable.  In avoiding the challenges of corporate gifting, deciding on the right gift leaves a lasting impression on the receiver.


4. Branding Corporate Gifts

This is so crucial as it is very personal. The logos, the name, the initials, the color, the design, the printing style, the finishing. etc. Again a brand that knows that paying attention to details is so important here. We are that brand that would not settle for less in delivering the right branding techniques for your gift items. Your gift items need the touch of quality that we offer at Nukreationz.


Avoid The Challenges Of Corporate Gifting With Us

We would like to work with you and guide you through your gifting process. We have the capacity in-house so you do not have to worry about delays in branding your gift items. Also, we help in procuring these gift items at the best prices due to our experience, partnerships, and relationships with manufacturers. We have been opportune to work across various industries and we looking forward to delivering your project. See some of our corporate gifts.

Remember, planning early is crucial. You can contact us directly via WhatsApp or call 08068000012



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