WHAT is Startlite?

Startlite is an initiative of Nukreationz Printing Solutions Limited. Startlite is a CSR geared at creating impact in the SME sector, creating employment, creating sustainable and trans-generational  businesses not just in Nigeria but across Africa. To facilitate this vision, a product was developed called the Startlite package.

What is contained in the Startlite package?

All Startlite packages come with a free logo, free e-letterhead, business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Some packages come with a few extras and at added cost.

How much does a Startlite package cost?

You can get a Startlite package for as little as N9,999

HOW do I get a Startlite package?

Click on this link and it will take you to our Starlite page where you can order any of the packages.

Can I choose items from the Startlite package if I don’t need everything?

No, this option is not available online. However you may contact us via this link to discuss your preferences and the options available.

When will my Startlite package be delivered to me?

Please allow 5-7working days for production as we may be processing a large volume of orders during this period. Delivery may take another 1-2 working days depending on location. Whatever the situation is, we will communicate with you on the progress of your order.

Is Startlite offering a grant?


Who can qualify for the grant?

Anyone that purchases a Startlite package.

When will the winners of the grant be announced?

Winners will be announced quarterly

Need to speak to one of our agents about Startlite?