Make Ordering Easy in Printing Services

print services

Make Ordering Easy in Printing Services

printing services

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Hey! spending too much money on printing services and still not getting the best print. stay with me, let me walk you through

Printing services are a necessity for most small businesses. It is not difficult to find printing services nowadays. There are many companies offering printing services, and it is easy to order these services online. Luckily Nukreationz printing solutions is a printing company just near me, we have a website that provides an online ordering system for their customers. Customers can place orders online and schedule pick up or delivery at a time that is convenient for them.

Hopefully, this article will help you learn more about how to choose a printing services and make ordering easier!

As a small business, the price of printing is always a concern. The money spent on printing can be alarming with the daily rise in the price of consumables in the market which makes us source for cheap print. However, you also want quality printing and not just the cheapest printer on the market.

Digital printing services have become more and more mainstream. And with these printers becoming more affordable, it is no wonder that they are on the rise. Digital printing companies offer a variety of printing options including standard offset printing, UV coating, banner printing, customized mug, branded notepad jotters, calendars, custom mugs, customized t-shirts, flyers, handbills, frames and wall art, marketing brochures letterhead wedding souvenirs, stickers, paper bags,  and more. Nukreationz printing solutions can provide you with the perfect solution for your business needs.

There is no need to worry about the convenience of ordering your prints online.

If you follow these 5 steps, ordering will be easy for you!

  1. Have a template of what you want if you don’t have a template chat with a graphic designer in the company or have an idea of what you want to print
  2. Search online for Nukreationz printing solutions and chat with an agent to drop your request, a mock-up picture of your request will be sent to you to give approval of your design.
  3. Quotation will be sent to you and then you make payment through the bank details sent to you, confirmation will be done before processing your request
  4. Depending on your order and locations, some orders take 5-7 working days while some take two working days.
  5. After production our esteemed customer agent will contact you to let you know your item is ready for delivery at your convenient time.

All these are done through your devices, not needing you to stress yourself under the scorching sun and with terrible traffic. Delivery will be done to your doorstep.



Did you know that your online printing services can easily cost you thousands of naira? Luckily, there are many ways that you can save money and get the same or better quality prints.

But here are a few

  • Negotiate price: It might not seem like it, but prices for the same print job can vary greatly from one printer to the next. Your best bet is to shop around for quotes from a few different printers so that you can see what works best for your budget and needs.
  • Check the quality: Take a close look at the quality of each printer's work and compare it to what you want your final product to look like. You don't have to accept just any offer at face value; make sure they're up to par!


Printers are always on the lookout for ways to make more money and improve their margins. So when it comes to negotiating the price of digital printing services, you have to know the right time and place for doing so.

Here are 3 tips on how to negotiate a lower price for your print services:

  1. Before you start negotiating, do your research and find out what other printers charge for similar prints. This will give you a benchmark of what prices should be charged and will help with coming up with a bargaining position too.
  2. When you print in units the price will be more so it is better you print in bulk so it can be discounted, I know there is some product that comes in units examples are throw pillows, picture frame, wedding backdrop banner, roll up banners, etc.

Come with your design template, mock-ups that are designed by the graphic designer of the printing company will charge you separately from the production money. So it is best you come with your design.
Why put yourself through that stress in the scorching weather with all the traffic? When you can place an order at your fingertips and feel confident that you will receive the greatest service



Having this details helps save time, cost and still get the best print 

Thank you for visiting our blog page, we hope you got the necessary information you needed,

see you next time.

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