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Direct Image Printing Machine

direct image printing machine

Our Direct Image Printing Machine Services.

What comes to mind when you hear Direct Image Printing Machine or DI printing machine?

In the simplest definition, it is a printing machine that makes use of toner instead of ink. It is a technology that directly prints pictures, files, documents, etc that were sent from devices.

Direct image printing stands out for the following reasons:
  • FAST: It has simply unbeatable timing compared to other ink-built machines. Beginning with clients' orders, our team of skilled and trained professionals swings into action. From customer care to job delivery and follow-ups, our clients are assured of a smooth and satisfying process.
  • QUANTITY: As a leading printing and branding company, we take large print orders regardless of the quantity. Most clients get worried about time delivery because some printing companies struggle with large orders. With our full capacity direct image printing machine, we have been able to continually deliver large quantity orders.
  • QUALITY: Absolute quality printing is what you get when printing with DI. That being said, We do not only depend on the direct image machine. Over time, we have invested in experienced and trained professionals. Including in-house quality checks to get the best out of this technology.
Our printing services using a DI machine:

Booklets, Annual Reports, Brochures, Catalog, Flyers, Magazines, Conference Materials, Menus, Envelopes, Letterhead, Postcards, Newsletters, Posters, Check out some of our works.


In conclusion, the direct image printing machine is an awesome technology. Technology has come to stay and everyone is benefiting hugely from this in all walks of life. In the printing industry, Nukreationz is always innovative and looking for the best possible ways to serve our clients better. Hence, a need to always improve so as to remain relevant and competitive in the industry.

We at Nukreationz, are a leading printing and branding company. Our services are backed by experience, training, and quality. Your project, event, etc. requires the services of a trusted brand. A brand that is capable of executing and surpassing your expectations.

Thank you for reading about our direct image printing machine blog.

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